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"Play is democratic! Anyone can play! Everyone can learn through playing! Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person - mind and body, intelligence and creativity, spontaneity and intuition - when all, teacher and students together, are attentive to the moment"
-Viola Spolin, author of "Theater Games for the Classroom"

Please note - Mara WILL be holding classes Friday March 9th!

At Acting Out, we create a fun and supportive environment for kids to learn the basics of improv, story telling, scenes and stagecraft. Our classes are taught primarily through theater games, stories and play .

With improv, kids learn to:

  • Be positive
  • Access their creativity
  • Focus and listen to the people they're working with
  • Take risks
  • Overcome shyness 

Theater fosters empathy and a sense of community!

In addition to weekly classes and summer workshops, there are audition and performance opportunities open to all students.   

We are now offering Acting Out Birthday Parties - check it out!